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For Property Owners and Sellers

Why you will want to work with us!


List your Property for Rent or Sale

Greater Exposure

We list your property on our own website, as well as more than 6 other websites enabling you to reach a larger number of potential guests or buyers


We have experienced and talented photographers who are available to take quality photos of your property. They know just how to highlight the best features!

Monthly Payments

Rental payments are made every month directly into your account with an accompanying statement and report on your property.
We will calculate  your tenants utility bills  for each lease.

Cleaning and Linen

Our cleaners ensure your property is at its best for each guest. They thoroughly clean and change all linen. Our cleaners pride themselves on trustworthiness and quality.

Calendar Sync

For those who want to be kept in the loop. We’ve set up our calendar so you can synchronise it directly to your phone or computer! Making it easy to keep track of your investment.

Property Inspections

In between tenants, a member of our team completes an inspection to ensure your property remains in good condition.

Screening and Checks

We position your listing to attract the right tenants and take appropriate care to ensure your property is rented to responsible tenants.

Inventory Monitoring

We ensure that all items are accounted for after each tenant. We always hold a security deposit to cover any loss or breakages.

Much More.......

We are a full service agency and we go above and beyond to ensure your property is looked after in every way. We are constantly improving on our services.

Colored Floor Plan and Virtual Walk Through

Both buyers and renters often have a hard time imaging your property from a description and photographs alone. Shortly we will be offering the service of providing your listing with a colored floor plan and a virtual tour of the property so prospective clients can feel they are actually visiting the property from their own computer.

Home Staging and Refurbishing

For both rental and sales properties our experts can suggest how to present your property in the most alluring style. It has been documented that properties with home styling are rented or sold faster and at a better rate, well worth the small investment price.  

Documents necessary for a rental and sales

We have professionals who can speedily  obtain  for  you  all the documents necessary  for renting or selling your property.

Check in and Check out

The nightmare of most property owners who rent out on a short term basis.  If you do not want to sit in your apartment waiting for guests who missed a flight  we can do it for you.

Paperwork and Taxes

We can do 99% of the obligatory  paperwork and tax payments for you . Registering guests with the authorities, collecting  and paying sojourn tax, having our accountants calculate your property taxes due if you live abroad , registering your rental contract at the tax office, all this and more….