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About Milligan & Milligan Florence Rentals

Milligan & Milligan Florence Rentals has selected properties for both short term and long term rentals as well as for sales.

Are you coming to Italy?
Do you need a place to stay for a week, for a month or for a year?
Do you want to buy a vacation home?

Milligan & Milligan Florence Rentals has selected properties for both short term and long term rentals in Florence as well as for sales.
We have chosen  our properties for their Location, furnishings and quality/price.  We offer properties  at different price ranges, and we are proud of the fact that we can find  the right “home away from home”  for most of our clients regardless of their budget.
We offer students accommodations and lodging , holiday homes, vacation rentals, apartments and flat rentals for people relocating to Italy.

Each property is unique as many are the actual residences of a Italian families, we can say that our listings are Properties with Personality,  as each is cozy and homey without that hotel feeling  . You can stay in an apartment in the city of Florence, in a farmhouse or a villa with pool  in the Tuscan countryside. We also have accommodations throughout other parts of Italy. The advantage of staying in a rental property rather than a hotel is that your whole family can stay together and  you can go to the local market and then cook your own meals if you do not feel like going out. 

The owner of the real estate agency, Carol Milligan, has been living in Florence for over 40 years and knows all the ins and outs of Italian bureaucracy. She and her bilingual staff will try to help you in any way they can to simplify your stay. We have been  managing rental properties for over 25 years so we can earnestly state that we run the most experiences agency in Florence and one of the oldest in Italy.
If you are looking to rent or to buy property in Italy we will find the right place for you. Apartment agreements and all the paperwork involved in Italian real estate transactions will be explained to you in English and taken care of (where law permits) by the agency. We are specialists in temporary relocation and can arrange your accommodation, a school for your kids, a family doctor, etc…

You have come to the right place!